CONSTITUTION :         PVA TXP-20 is an aqueous non- ionic emulsion of plasticized poly vinyl acetate .

NATURE             :          Non- ionic

APPEARANCE   :          White milky viscous emulsion.

PH                       :           4.5 - 5.5

VISCOSITY        :          130-180 Poise  at 25C (Rion viscotester VT - 04)

SOLID                 :          40% +/- 2%

SOLUBILITY      :          Soluble in hot and cold water in all proportions.

STABILITY         :          Stable for long time. It is also stable in weak acid, and alkalis, optical whitening agent.

PROPERTIES     :           PVA TXP-20 leaves a transparent film on drying and does not effect or tint the base material. There for it can be safely used for white as                                        well as dyed finishing of textile. PVA TXP-20 is compatible with various resins and softening agent and gives full soft and elastic in handle.

APPLICATION  :           PVA TXP-20 is generally accepted by all textile fibers and to achieve best result it should be applied by padding if  necessary ,however                                        the winch , jig, shallow vat or spraying apparatus may be used. The concentration required depends on the material . To give fabric a                                        general finish 12-48 parts of resins be added in 1000 parts of water.

                                       The temperature for calendaring should not exceed 60°C as other    wise the product, because of its thermo plasticity, maybe deposited                                        on the calendar roller.