CONSTITUTION :         PVA TX is an aqueous non- ionic emulsion of poly vinyl acetate .

NATURE             :           Non- ionic

APPEARANCE   :           White milky viscous emulsion.

PH                       :            4.5 - 5.5

VISCOSITY        :            200-250 Poise  at  25C (Rion viscotester VT - 04)

SOLID                 :            49% +/- 1%

SOLUBILITY      :            Soluble in hot and cold water in all proportions.

STABILITY         :            Stable for long time. It is also stable in weak acid, and Alkalis ,optical whitening agent.

PROPERTIES     :            PVA  TX can be safely used for white as well as dyed finishing of textile.PVA  TX  is compatible with various resins and softening agent                                          and gives good finish . Specially recommended for cotton and blended fabrics.

APPLICATION  :            PVA TX  is generally accepted by all textile fibers and To achieve best result it should be applied by padding.  if  necessary ,however the                                          winch , jig, shallow vat or spraying apparatus may be used. The concentration required depends on the material. To give fabric a general                                          finish 12-48 parts of Resins be added in 1000 parts of water.