Viscosity ( 25 degree centigrade)         6 - 8 Poise at Rion Visco tester (VT – 04)
Appearance                                         White low viscous emulsion

PH value                                             4.0 - 5.0

Solids                                                  56% +  1%

Partical size( max.)                               0.3 microns

Residual monomer content %               max.0.5

M.F.F.T                                              5° C

Properties & Uses

DA-55 approx.55% is a good quality copolymer and has good application properties. It is used as paint adhesive for interior and exterior wall paint for all kind of surfaces. It forms a clear, crack free film of good flexibility. The film derived from DA-55 is noted for its good water and scrub resistance, good stability to alkalis. Thinning is normally done with water to reduce M.F.F.T (minimum film forming temperature) the following agents are effective butyl glycol acetate, butyl di glycol acetate, Texanol . To improve freeze-thaw stability ethylene glycol can be added slowly.



The emulsion should not be stored for more than six month before processing.
Preferable at room temperature and never be stored under direct sun light.