Technical information


ORIENT FCP-405 is an acrylic/methacrylic copolymer emulsion free from plasticizer & solvents.


Because of its outstanding properties, e.g. high resistance to water, alkali and weathering Resistance. It is suitable for use in high quality exterior paints, resin – bound plaster and especially colored aggregate finishes, and for the building adhesives.


TYPE                                       Acrylic copolymer

Total Solids                              50% ±1%

pH Value                                  7.0 – 8.0

Viscosity                                  2 – 4 poises at 25C (Rion visco tester VT –04, Spindle #3)

Specific Gravity                        Approx.  1.15

M.F.F.T                                   Approx. 14°C


ORIENT FCP - 405 has been develop specifically as a binder for coating where high binding power is required. It is readily compatible with the pigments and fillers used in standard practice and have a high pigment binding power. It forms a clear, crack free film  and considerable surface hardness above 14° C. The film derived from ORIENT FCP - 405 is noted for its outstanding water resistance, good stability to alkalis and retention of elasticity. They are very resistance to hydrolysis and water and display good colour retention and out door performance. Even after prolonged contact with water, they have very little tendency to blushing.


The main application for ORIENT FCP - 405 is as binders for colour aggregate finishes, wood glaze coats, wood paints and high gloss plastic paints. It is also suitable for acrylic architecture satin finishes (with PVCS of about 40%).

ORIENT FCP - 405 can be formulated to with stand high pigment and extender loads. The pigment and fillers must be dispersed with adequate amount of wetting and dispersing agents.

Various thickeners may be added such as Methyl hydroxy ethyl cellulose or hydroxy ethyl cellulose, natural or synthetic grades of montmorillonite can be used to adjust the viscosity and flow and to improve the brushability.

Coalescing aid is required for optimum film formulation under air – dry application. The amount will depend on the formulation and drying condition. Small amounts of coalescent should be included in the formulation in order to ensure that a satisfactory film can be formed at temperatures below 14° C.  Suitable solvents for this purpose are glycol ethers, glycol ether acetate, and mineral spirit containing aromatics. In generally 2% expressed in terms of the total made – up paint. Solvents that are freely miscible with water, e.g.. Lower alcohol’s or glycol’s are unsuitable coalescent but improve the frost stability of the made – up paints. High boiling solvents that are miscible with water, e.g. propylene glycol and butyldigol, also lengthen the wet edge time but temporarily impair the resistance to blocking and increase the sensitivity to water.

Solvents always be added with due care. It is preferable to mix them with the pigment paste or dilute them with water before they are incorporated into the paints.

Bevaloid 581B are recommended as defoamers for ORIENT FCP - 405. However, other suitable defoamers can also be used. It is usually in the range of 0.1% to 1%. 

Preservative must be added as safe guards against microorganisms if the paints are to be stored for long periods. The proportion to be added depends on the manufacturer instructions and the storage conditions.

 Numerous factors affect the manufacture and application of ORIENT FCP-405 paints and textured finishes. Examples are the compatibility with other ingredients in the formulation, the effect of mixing, the adhesion to different substrates, etc. On account of their multiplicity, they cannot all be embraced in our experiments; and for this reason, formulators should perform careful trials themselves under local conditions in their development work.


The normal precautions relating to handling chemicals apply. Thus the place of work must be well ventilated, skin care measures must be adopted, and safety goggles must be worn. Local industrial hygiene regulation must be observed.

ORIENT FCP - 405 does not exert any harmful effects on health, provided that it is used properly and the normal precautions are taken.